Stryker launches direct-to-patient marketing campaign to drive more Mako surgeries

Stryker launches direct-to-patient marketing campaign for Mako surgical robot (MassDevice)

Stryker announced today that it launched a nationwide, direct-to-patient marketing campaign.

The “Scan. Plan. Mako Can.” marketing campaign aims to drive patient awareness of its Mako SmartRobotics platform. The surgical robotic system offers an option for those who need joint replacement surgery due to arthritis of the knee or hip.

“‘Scan. Plan. Mako Can.’ is rooted in the foundation of Mako SmartRobotics,” said Don Payerle, president of Stryker’s Joint Replacement division. “We have an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing joint replacement technology and enabling surgeons to achieve enhanced outcomes for their patients. We are eager to share this campaign with patients experiencing joint pain so they can seek care and begin their journey towards returning to the activities they love.”

The campaign promotes CT-based planning as part of the surgical robotic procedure process. Mako utilizes CT planning to allow surgeons to gain more knowledge about patient anatomy prior to surgery. Stryker also offers AccuStop haptic technology for surgeons to then execute their plans with precision and minimize tissue disruption.

Enabling products like Mako with digital capabilities provides insights that drive improved clinical, operational and financial outcomes, Stryker says.

The company plans to bring the campaign through different assets and various media channels. Stryker said that includes linear TV, streaming TV, social media, YouTube, programmatic/endemic channels and paid search. The company began the public rollout today.