Meet the world’s only scanner inside the sterile field.

In the fast-paced world of ortho technology, innovation knows no bounds. Meet Phil Sayles, the visionary founder and CEO of Summate Technologies, who is redefining the way we document surgical products with a groundbreaking solution. Summate Technologies has introduced the world’s first true point-of-use, total surgical product documentation system, setting a new standard for precision and efficiency in the operating room.

A Revolution in Surgical Product Documentation

At the heart of Summate’s innovation is a unique laser-powered micro-transponder that retrofits orthopedic sets and trays, transforming them into what they call “Scan Ready digital trays.” This transformative technology enables healthcare professionals to scan implant usage from inside the sterile field, enabling point of use implant documentation at the true point of use.

In a strategic partnership with Symmetric Health Solutions, Summate leverages their handheld imaging system to capture full UDI (Unique Device Identifier) data from sterile-packaged product labels. All the scanned information is meticulously collected and stored on a compact cloud software CPU known as “The Trakker.” This multifunctional system not only offers VOIP communication but also provides “med ed” digital content for the sterile field.

One of the most critical features of this system is its ability to check all products for FDA recalls, thus significantly advancing patient safety. By the end of a surgical case, the system automatically sends all usage data, including the surgeon’s information, the type of case, and the trays used, to the device company. Additionally, it generates a Purchase Order (PO), streamlining payments and eliminating the cumbersome “bill only” process. Summate’s business model revolves around selling this invaluable and previously opaque data to device companies.

Integration and Collaboration

Summate Technologies goes a step further by offering seamless integration of their system with hospital systems. The flexibility to customize and automate manual processes allows hospitals to maximize the benefits according to their unique needs. Remarkably, Summate’s system can come at very little cost to the hospital, making it an enticing proposition for healthcare facilities looking to embrace cutting-edge technology.

A Bright Future for Ortho

Beyond the immediate operational efficiencies gained by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and hospitals, Summate’s long-term vision aims to transform the landscape of medical research. The company intends to make macro data freely available for research purposes, with a focus on connecting surgical products and processes with patient outcomes, a pursuit often referred to as the “Holy Grail of medicine.”

Summate Technologies is on a mission to advance the field of medicine by providing Better OR Data, making a tangible impact on patient care, and ultimately, the entire healthcare industry.

A Journey of Investment and Growth

The journey of Summate Technologies is a testament to innovation and dedication. With a total funding of $1.3 million raised from friends and family to date, they are currently in the midst of an Angel round with a target of $750,000, of which $250,000 has already been subscribed. To complete their round, Summate is actively seeking strategic or surgeon angel investors who share their vision for revolutionizing surgical product documentation through capture of surgical product UDI data.

With a product that is ready for deployment, its first successful pilot program, and their first device company already on board to issue ScanReady digital trays, Summate Technologies is poised for a bright future. Additionally, the company is in the final stages of securing a $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to implement their system at esteemed institutions such as Duke University, the University of Nebraska Medicine, and Geisinger Healthcare.

For more information contact, Phil at or 617-571-1058