Marc Viscogliosi demystifies raising capital on BoneChat.

Early-Stage Investors: Seed and Angel Funding

“Kind of when we first think about who are the earliest investors in companies, these are seed and angel investors. They generally help with first prototype proof of concepts initial IP filing.”

High Net Worth Individuals and Family Offices

“Beyond seed and angels, or maybe even concurrently with seed and angels, you’ll see high net worth individuals and or family offices. Generally, these groups can invest in all stages of a company’s lifecycle…”

Institutional Equity Capital: Traditional Venture Capital

“Now moving on to the institutional side of equity capital and at least in the private market via traditional venture capital, which we’ll invest in from series A through whatever…”

Corporate Venture Capital

“Now, beyond venture capital now we’re moving into what I would characterize as more of a commercial stage venture commercial stage private equity. And there’s really two big groups though…”

Commercial Stage Private Equity: Growth Equity and Private Equity

“And then private equity tends to be groups that are investing in revenue generating EBIT dot positive generally cashflow positive businesses…”

Sovereign Wealth Funds in Private Equity

“Now, beyond even private equity there are sovereign wealth funds and sovereign wealth. Funds are like the government treasury, investing in massive scale investments in platforms…”

Debt Capital: Types and Characteristics

“Let me let me touch on debt capital. The way I think about debt capital from my from a private standpoint is that those four main groups commercial banks, senior secured structured credit mezzanine and venture debt…”

Non-Dilutive Funding and Minimally Diluted Funding

“Let’s talk a little bit about non-dilutive funding or maybe minimally diluted funding.”

Vendor Partnerships and Investment

“And then, you know, health systems have been investors ascension healthcare has an investment arm Kaiser has an investment arm insurance companies have investment venture group sandbox ventures…”

Investment Objectives and Considerations

“Some things you might want to understand now having kind of painted the landscape of the different types of investors. Let me let me add some color to the canvas about what you should think about in terms of as you proceed to talk to investors what to keep in mind investment objectives.”