I was wrong about Generics in orthopedics.

In a series of articles, I predicted that generic orthopedic implants—proven designs replicated at a lower cost—would capture at least 10% of the market this decade.

2017 article – Cheap orthopedic implants are coming to a neighborhood near you.
2016 article – The UK government and patients are benefiting from “low-risk” generic hip replacements
2015 article – The time has come for Generic Orthopedic Implants
2015 article – Zimmer says they are staying away from Robotics and Generic Implants
2015 article – Stryker CEO is skeptical of the ‘repless’ generic sales model

I was wrong, and here’s why.

The roadblock?

The system itself. Our overburdened hospital infrastructure struggles with the nuances of a direct supply chain with no support. Without the traditional support of reps and the essential surgical training, the integration of generic implants is far more complex than anticipated.

In order to be successful in 2024, all new products/services MUST reduce complexity, reduce steps, reduce time, and reduce labor costs for the hospital and ASC.