Rarely seen in orthopedics, Intellijoint Surgical goes free “open access” with it’s Intellijoint VIEW technology.

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press release – Intellijoint Surgical opens access for free use of its most differentiated product in orthopaedics

The Announcement:

Intellijoint Surgical announces the open access availability of Intellijoint VIEW, a web-based surgical planning tool for total hip arthroplasty that assesses hip-spine relationships and provides patient-specific plans without requiring CT imaging, now free and commitment-free to all orthopedic surgeons and their care teams in the US, Canada (excluding Quebec), and globally for educational purposes.

Why ?

I can only think of 6 strategic reasons why Intellijoint Surgical’s would go “open access” of their Intellijoint VIEW technology for better hip cup placement:

1. Market Penetration and Adoption:

  • Lowering Barriers: By offering the technology for free and without commitment, Intellijoint Surgical removes financial and administrative barriers that might prevent adoption. This encourages widespread use among orthopedic surgeons.
  • Broad Exposure: Making the tool available to all surgeons in the US, Canada, and globally (for educational purposes) maximizes exposure and familiarity with the product.

2. Educational Impact and Thought Leadership:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Providing access for educational purposes helps disseminate knowledge about the hip-spine relationship in total hip arthroplasty. This can position Intellijoint as a thought leader in this complex and emerging field.
  • Training and Skill Enhancement: Offering educational tutorials and case examples helps surgeons improve their skills and understanding, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes.

3. Clinical Validation and Feedback:

  • Real-World Usage Data: Allowing widespread use can generate a significant amount of real-world data and feedback. This can help in refining the technology and validating its effectiveness in diverse clinical settings.
  • Building Trust: Surgeons who find value in the tool during the free period may advocate for its continued use, leading to future purchases or commitments.

4. Brand Loyalty and Market Influence:

  • Building Relationships: Providing a valuable tool for free builds goodwill and trust among surgeons and their care teams, fostering long-term relationships.
  • Influencing Standards: As more surgeons adopt Intellijoint VIEW, it can set a new standard in surgical planning, influencing industry practices and potentially leading to increased market share for Intellijoint Surgical.

5. Product Integration and Upselling:

  • Seamless Workflow: The integration of Intellijoint VIEW with Intellijoint HIP enabling technology promotes a seamless workflow from planning to execution in the operating room. Surgeons who appreciate the planning tool are more likely to adopt the associated enabling technologies.
  • Future Sales: Once surgeons are accustomed to the free planning tool, they may be more inclined to invest in the full suite of Intellijoint products for their surgical practice.

6. Democratizing Healthcare:

  • Mission Alignment: This move aligns with Intellijoint Surgical’s mission to democratize healthcare by providing equitable access to advanced technologies. It supports their vision of ensuring that all patients receive the best possible outcomes, regardless of the implant selected.

The Press Release:

Intellijoint Surgical opens access for free use of its most differentiated product in orthopaedics (press release)

Kitchener, Ontario, May 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Intellijoint Surgical is opening access to its most differentiated product; Intellijoint VIEW, a surgical planning tool for total hip arthroplasty, incorporating the hip-spine relationship.  This web-based tool allows surgeons to discover which patients are at risk for adverse spinopelvic mobility and provides them with a patient-specific plan without requiring CT imaging. 

This product is now available with no fee, and no commitment to all orthopaedic surgeons, and their care teams in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec) and globally for educational purposes, to plan total hip arthroplasties incorporating the hip-spine interaction. The technology allows planning and cup placement to accommodate mobility and the risk of impingement and dislocation, which can lead to costly revision surgery and added patient recovery time.  

Research and understanding of the relationship between the spine, pelvis and hip in total hip arthroplasty is relatively new and can be complex. The benefit of this technology is its ease-of-use and workflow guidance with educational tutorials and case examples, so any surgeon can easily incorporate into their practice. The plan from Intellijoint VIEW can then be delivered with Intellijoint HIP enabling technology for a seamless delivery in the OR and optimal patient outcomes. 

Armen Bakirtzian, Co-Founder and CEO of Intellijoint Surgical states, “We are so proud to announce that Intellijoint VIEW will now be available to all arthroplasty surgeons in the US, Canada, and globally for educational evaluation. We often say we’re different at Intellijoint. That difference comes out in a variety of ways, from how we design our products and conduct our business to who we hire. It’s all rooted in our mission. When we created our mission statement, we agonized over every word. Of all the words in our mission statement, there is one that is at the core of our decision-making. That word is ‘Every’, as in providing EVERY orthopaedic surgeon and their care team, access to easy-to-use technology. We feel strongly about democratizing healthcare and ensuring all patients get the best possible outcome.  

Co-Founder and CSO, Richard Fanson states: “This is an exciting ‘first’ for us and it hopefully means a larger positive impact for our industry and the growing population of total hip replacement recipients”. It’s rewarding for us to be able to achieve this milestone as a company and we envision continuing to build the VIEW platform with additional meaningful pre-operative insights.” 

  “This new direction aligns perfectly with our Vision to be an independent, global MedTech leader, providing enabling technologies for musculoskeletal health. We’re proud that Intellijoint VIEW technology provides surgeons with an independent platform for individualized, functional cup planning with the hip-spine relationship. Regardless of the implant selected, our platform accommodates that patient’s unique mobility states Andre Hladio, Co-Founder and CTO. 

Intellijoint plans to continue to remove barriers and is excited about the future, delivering improved outcomes to all joint replacement patients. 

Find out more about Intellijoint VIEW open access:  intellijointsurgical.com/free-view/

Sign up now: http://www.intellijointfreeview.com

For global access in educational use please contact us at: freeview.help@intellijointsurgical.com

About Intellijoint Surgical 

Intellijoint Surgical® develops and commercializes surgical planning & navigation solutions for total hip and knee joint replacements. It is committed to improving patients’ lives by providing every Orthopaedic Surgeon and their Care Team, access to easy-to-use technology. Intellijoint’s technology is used by top orthopaedic institutions and surgeons globally.  For more information on Intellijoint Surgical visit www.intellijointsurgical.com