Deep technical review of hydroxyapatite and other calcium phosphate containing biocomposites and hybrid biomaterials.

Sharing this excellent body of work for the biologics geeks out there.

Calcium Orthophosphate (CaPO4) Containing Composites for Biomedical Applications: Formulations, Properties,
and Applications

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Table 5. A list of several commercial non-setting CaPO4-based IBS and pastes with indication of producer, product name, composition (when available), and form [930].
Producer Product Name Composition Form
Allergan Aesthetics HArmonyCa™ HA, hyaluronic acid, 0.3% lidocaine pre-mixed
ApaTech (UK) Actifuse™ HA, polymer and aqueous solution pre-mixed
Actifuse™ Shape Si-substituted CaPO4 and a polymer
Baxter (US) TricOs Τ BCP (60% HA, 40% β-TCP) granules and Tissucol (fibrin glue) to be mixed
Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials Bi-Ostetic Putty not disclosed not disclosed
BioForm (US) Calcium hydroxylapatite implant HA powder embedded in a mixture of glycerine, water and CMC pre-mixed
Biomatlante (FR) In’Oss™ BCP granules (60% HA, 40% β-TCP; 0.08–0.2 mm) and 2% HPMC pre-mixed
MBCP Gel® BCP granules (60% HA, 40% β-TCP; 0.08–0.2 mm) and 2% HPMC pre-mixed
Hydr’Os BCP granules (60% HA, 40% β-TCP; micro- and nanosized particles) and saline solution pre-mixed
Bioceramed (PT) k-IBS® BCP granules (75% HA, 25% β-TCP; 0.125–0.355 mm) and chitosan dissolved in PEG pre-mixed
n-IBS® Aqueous suspension of HA powders pre-mixed
Degradable Solutions (CH) Easy graft™ β-TCP or BCP granules (0.45–1.0 mm) coated with 10 μm PLGA, N-methyl-2-pyrrolydone to be mixed
Dentsply (US) Pepgen P-15® flow HA (0.25–0.42 mm), P-15 peptide and aqueous Na hyaluronate solution to be mixed
DePuy Spine (US) Healos® Fx HA (20–30%) and collagen to be mixed
Fluidinova (P) nanoXIM TCP β-TCP (5 or 15%) and water pre-mixed
nanoXIM HA HA (5, 15, 30 or 40%) and water pre-mixed
Integra LifeSciences (US) Mozaik Osteoconductive Scaffold β-TCP (80%) and type 1 collagen (20%) to be mixed
Ceros® Putty/cyclOS® β-TCP granules (0.125–0.71 mm; 94%) and recombinant Na hyaluronate powder (6%) to be mixed
Mathys Ltd. (CH) Putty to be mixed
Medtronic (US) Mastergraft® BCP (85% HA, 15% β-TCP) and bovine collagen to be mixed
Merz Aesthetics (GER) RADIESSE® HA particles suspended in a gel pre-mixed
NuVasive (USA) AttraX® putty β-TCP and alkylene oxide copolymer pre-mixed
Osartis/ΑΑΡ (GER) Ostim® Nanocrystalline HA (35%) and water (65%) pre-mixed
Smith & Nephew (US) JAXTCP β-TCP granules and an aqueous solution of 1.75% CMC and 10% glycerol to be mixed
Stryker (US) Calstrux™ β-TCP granules and CMC to be mixed
Teknimed (FR) Nanogel HA (100–200 nm) (30%) and water (70%) pre-mixed
Therics (US) Therigraft™ Putty β-TCP granules and polymer pre-mixed
Zimmer (US) Collagraft BCP granules (65% HA, 35% β-TCP; 0.5–1.0 mm) to be mixed