Molecular Matrix brings ‘Next Generation’ Bone Regenerative Technology to orthopedics |

Molecular Matrix brings ‘Next Generation’ Bone Regenerative Technology to orthopedics

Molecular Matrix Brings ‘Next Generation’ Bone Regenerative Technology to the Market (press release) SMolecular Matrix, Inc. (“MMI”), is a California based company, that was incorporated in August 2011.  MMI has developed an innovative new generation platform tissue regeneration for musculoskeletal applications, specifically bone, based on a novel hyper-crosslinked carbohydrate polymer (HCCP) scaffold technology.  The HCCP technology provides an excellent environment for bone cells to grow, mature, and function.

MMI’s first product release, Osteo-PTM BGS, is a non- mineralized bone graft substitute intended for use in a multitude of different applications and treatments, such as filling defects in orthopedic surgery. When placed in direct contact with host bone, Osteo-PTM BGS supports and guides the ingrowth of new bone across the graft site and resorbs as the healing process occurs. The consistency of Osteo-PTM BGS allows the surgeon to easily manipulate and maximize the direct contact with viable host bone. It is highly porous, biocompatible, biodegradable and osteoconductive.  MMI’s polymer technology also eliminates the inherent disadvantages associated with current bone graft substitute, including disease transmission, insufficient bone formation, inadequate absorption, and interference with evaluation of bone formation by imaging modalities.  

Osteo-P™ BGS is completely replaced by new bone upon healing and can be customized to fit various clinical applications and handling requirements. The 3-D scaffolding is very effective in recruiting endogenous cells, resulting in the formation of healthy, vascularized bone at the site of injury.  Given Osteo-PTM BGS is a non-mineralized bone graft substitute, containing no calcium or phosphate, it appears radiolucent in x-rays, allowing real-time monitoring of bone formation and fusion during the healing process.  This characteristic provides a surgeon the ability to identify pseudoarthrosis or non-fusion early in the post-operative treatment modality, providing an opportunity for immediate corrective action, should early intervention be required.  

MMI’s philosophy is based on improving lives through innovations in science and that the advancements brought by the technology will yield superior bone generation products and procedures for orthopedic, spine, trauma, and dental applications, in a cost-effective manner. MMI expects this platform of musculoskeletal applications to provide multiple development opportunities, creating value added product pipelines in many areas of musculoskeletal treatments and research.

MMI is currently recruiting agents for distribution (stocking or commission), seeking strategic partnerships, and investors for the current Series A capital raise.

Please contact Jim Keefer, COO at or via cell phone 707-217-7111