Quick Trend: Virtual Physical Therapy |

Quick Trend: Virtual Physical Therapy

Sharing a quick trend with you and why it’s important for the future of orthopedics. 

What it is: 

PT centers are sending hip and knee patients home with an avatar to guide them through post-op exercises. Studies show that virtual PT equals face-to-face PT. Some physical therapist can do live virtual visits with the patient through the device. Reflexion Health has a system with vision sensors called VERA (Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant) that supports, coaches and empowers patients as they heal.

Why it’s important:

This a glimpse into the future of orthopedics where technology produces better outcomes with less people in the system. 
This study shows that PT centers save $1,000 per patient and patients have better outcomes. This enables physical therapists to follow more post-op patients.

In the future, patients will be sent home with a personal AI avatar that will “watch” the patient perform exercises and coach the patient to the best outcome. This will entirely replace the physical therapist.

This is just the beginning of disruption in orthopedics from diagnosis, to pre-op, to surgery and to post-op. Think about anywhere that algorithms can replace physical work for equal or better outcomes. Algorithms win because they remove friction from the care system and they take out cost.

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