Celling Spine acquires Link Spine’s assets

Celling Spine Acquires Assets of Link Spine to Further Develop and Promote a Cell Centric Spine Platform (press release)

Celling Spine (“Celling”) a subsidiary of Celling Biosciences, based in Austin, Texas, acquired all the assets of Link Spine, a subsidiary of Link Orthopedics of Germany.  Link is a global leader in orthopedic technologies and was looking for a company to further develop the comprehensive spinal fusion system focused on facet fixation and minimally invasive surgery. 

Celling believes this technology compliments the current portfolio and supports the development of a biologically enhanced spinal fusion system.  The company is taking traditional spine implant systems and developing biological enhancements to optimize and promote the body’s natural healing cascade.

Kevin Dunworth, founder of Celling, believes this system provides the company with the perfect platform to continue building the spine program for Celling. He adds, “We have always maintained that the future of medicine will rely on cells and the environment in tissue restoration and regeneration that cells play a part.  With the addition of the Link product portfolio we are able to rely on an innovative spinal fusion system that gives the cells everything it needs to optimize the fusion.”

The Link Spine midline system features three core platforms:  FacetLink, CorticalLink and Vertbralink The comprehensive system offers a complete array of screws and devices, allowing for flexibility to apply the least invasive and most appropriate fusion construct, depending upon patient anatomy, pathology, and surgeon preference.  The system is integrated to minimize the number of trays required and at the same time allow “a la carte” decisions to be made intra-operatively regarding fixation.

Dr. Christopher Chaput (spine surgeon, San Antonio), a lead designer for the system has been engaged to help Celling take the necessary next steps to fulfill the development strategy. He explains, “The system was specifically designed to advance less invasive spine surgery and utilize the latest advances in surface materials to complement advanced, cell-based biologics like those already in Celling’s portfolio. The modular platform is designed for minimally invasive fusions, more maximally open spine fusion procedures, and everything in between.  Importantly, the system also dramatically improves the surgeons’ ability to perform less invasive surgery from a traditional midline approach but use incisions that are as small or smaller than what is considered minimally invasive. This enables surgeons to use the least amount of exposure possible for each unique patient, requires a minimal learning curve compared to traditional MIS surgery, and allows the surgeon to modify the surgical plan as needed to a more open approach, if the anatomy or deformity requires.  This combination increased options for “graded” fixation and implants that complement cell-based healing technologies may be particularly attractive in an ASC or short stay setting.”

The Celling Enterprise is building a business platform based on a foundation of cell therapy solutions combining traditional medicine with reliable and reproducible cell based products, services and therapies.  Celling has recently invested into the spine and women’s health markets to continue building its platform approach to growing the enterprise.   The addition of the Link Spine assets accelerates the Celling Spine growth strategy in spine.  Celling believes cell therapy will transform the future of healthcare and will continue evolving into all disciplines of medicine. 

CONTACT: Steve Melchiode, smelchiode@cellingbiosciences.com 

SOURCE Celling Biosciences