New spine robotics startup surfaces with a serious leadership team and funding


Fusion Robotics website

Fusion Robotics. LLC is a bit more flush today as a result of a new investment (undisclosed amount) led by Alex Lukianov (Lukpartners, LLC) and Kevin Foley, M.D. The funds will be used to ready the company’s spinal robotics platform to obtain regulatory clearance and to prepare for commercialization.

According to Fusion Robotics, the platform is an integration of technologies from Interventional Systems (Wattens, Austria) and Practical Navigation, LLC (Boulder, Colorado). Fusion Robotics’ CEO Brad Clayton, said, “The Fusion Robotics platform has a small footprint and is simple, cost-effective and scalable” which differentiates the system from other spinal robots currently on the market and in the immediate-term product pipeline.

“Fusion Robotics will create opportunities for wide-scale adoption of robotics in spine surgery—both in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASC’s)—by addressing constraints related to practicality and cost. We see tremendous potential and are excited to bring this technology to the global spine market,” said Alex Lukianov, who will hold the role of Chairman of the Board for Fusion Robotics.

Brad Clayton described some of the product features to OTW, “Scalability is enabled by the minimal OR footprint, streamlined setup and ease-of-use as compared to the existing systems on the market. To offer robotic surgery as the standard, most facilities will require multiple robots, which means they will need to be able to afford purchasing them but will also need to store them, clean them and transport them efficiently. Our mission is to accomplish this while also enhancing overall ease-of-use.”

“Reduced cost and size without clinical compromise; the introduction of a system that will have a broad impact throughout the global spinal surgery market.”