Pssss… There is a “game-changer” biomaterial happening in spine.

The material is called ZFUZE.

The secret: the team behind ZFUZE has cracked the code on the immune response. Translation: no inflammatory reaction = bone ingrowth. No more fibrous tissue surrounding the implant. No more coatings needed for bone ingrowth. ZFUZE does it all.

FDA has recently cleared the first application for ZFUZE. The first product, an IB cage completely avoids fibrous encapsulation and finally bridges the gap between PEEK and Titanium.

The basic science is amazing

The animal work is amazing

The early clinical results are amazing.

Surgeon Needs

Give a spine surgeon a magic wand for the best implant material for IB fusion.  What is their wishlist for the ideal biomaterial? 

√ 1 – Fusion (and the assessment of fusion)

√ 2 – low Modulus of elasticity

√ 3 – A “bone-friendly” surface

√ 4 – Biocompatibility

√ 5 – Revisability

PEEK always fails #3.  

Titanium always fails #5.  

ZFUZE checks all the boxes. 

If a spine surgeon is still using PEEK in 2021 year, then that spine surgeon not paying attention to ZFUZE

Early Clinicals

After 10 years of R&D, ZFUZE, the immuno-stealth polymer is being implanted in spinal fusion procedures. The early results are something you just don’t see. Bone ingrowth around 100% of the implant. No fibrous tissue.

Basic Science and Animal Work

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