Intellirod Spine announces the sale of its assets

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Ric Navarro, CEO of Intellirod Spine, announced today that the Board of Directors of Intellirod have decided to investigate several strategic options for the company, including the sale of the company’s assets.  To assist the company in this process, the company has engaged Novahill Advisors based in Alexandria, VA.  Intellirod owns three unique sensor devices supported by numerous patents that are focused on remote and operating room monitoring applications in adult and pediatric scoliosis as well as degenerative disc disease and post spinal surgery rehabilitation.  

  • Its products apply to the continuum of care from pre-operative to intra-operative to post-operative monitoring.  These data-centric products address needs of patients and surgeons while appealing to payers’ needing measured outcomes and value-based reimbursement
  • These novel sensors also present differentiation opportunities for sales and marketing teams to gain market share in an increasingly commoditized spine device market.
  • Intellirod sensor-enabled platform can transform the orthopedic spine markets, enabling a portfolio of smart orthopedic product solutions: 
    • Intra-procedural: Intellirod’s strain sensor (LOADPRO) is the only FDA de novo 510(k) cleared spine product to quantify  rod strain – allows surgeon feedback to “prescribe” force to impart on spine and avoid screw/rod breakage 
  • Therapeutic/Implantable: ACCUVISTA is a postoperative implantable strain sensor & fusion monitor for JIS and adult spinal fusion monitoring device.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring: Brace wearing compliance monitor to improve outcomes or address opportunities for surgery avoidance (i.e. pediatric scoliosis).  Intellirod’s “iLink” platform also allows patients to follow surgery rehabilitation guidelines across multiple applications (pediatric scoliosis, kyphosis, crow boot, etc.)

The assets can be acquired as a whole or in separate transactions.  For more information contact Novahill Advisors, LLC per the below: