Naviswiss has navigation technology that is a step in the right direction. |

Naviswiss has navigation technology that is a step in the right direction.

First Naviswiss Surgeries in Japan (press release)

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Naviswiss is pleased to announce the first usage of its small, handheld surgical navigation system in Japan.

Naviswiss, an independent medical technology company specialized in miniaturized surgical navigation is entering the Japanese market. It has won regulatory approval for its smart hip navigation which gives orthopedic surgeons additional safety when implanting artificial hip joints.
This regulatory approval is an important milestone. It enables Naviswiss to access the Japanese market through already established strong Japanese business partners. First surgeries in Japan are foreseen in the next months.
Naviswiss is already marketed in Europe, Australia and Israel.

About Naviswiss:

Naviswiss provides miniaturized surgical navigation for orthopedic surgeons to accurately implant artificial joints while using minimal space, time and additional efforts. The navigated Total Hip Replacement THR application is image-free and provides the surgeon with accurate information on cup alignment, leg length and offset. The THR application is open for all implant manufacturers and supports all surgical approaches.

Dr. Hasegawa and his team of Mie University supported by our distribution partner KYOCERA used the Naviswiss system for the first time in Japan. Several total hip replacement surgeries with navigation
assistance were performed. The system worked well and stable and the accuracy was within the expected range.

We are pleased that the miniaturized Naviswiss hip navigation system now also helps surgeons in Japan to achieve the best results for their patients.