Virtual surgery support is available RIGHT NOW in Orthopedics. |

Virtual surgery support is available RIGHT NOW in Orthopedics.

Listen and learn about three startups leading the way.  

We have all felt the push-back from hospitals during COVID. Orthopedic sales support, both planning and OR support, has become more difficult with the new rules of access.  Enter Avail MedSystemsEnhatch and ExplORer Surgical.  These three robust startups offer new tools that enable you to provide virtual support with your sales/distribution teams. 

Daniel Hawkins

Episode #37 – The Future of Surgery Support with the Avail CEO, Daniel Hawkins (60 mins). Daniel and his team just raised a whooping $100M. Listen on YouTube here.   

Peter Verrillo

Episode #38 – Intelligent surgery and the future of orthopedics with the Peter Verrillo, the CEO of Enhatch (53 mins). Peter and his team just launched their RepVision app tool for any iPad.  Listen on YouTube here.   

Jennifer Fried

Episode #39 – The new Digital Playbook for Orthopedic Procedures with ExplORer Surgical co-founder and CEO Jennifer Fried (38 mins)Jen and her team just launched remote case support features, with real-time audio, video and data collection. Listen on YouTube here