Biologic bone fixation with the strength of a metal implant. Yes, it’s real!

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I’ve followed new technologies in orthopedics for decades. The holy grail has always been non-metal repair of bones. Permanent metal implants have issues. At least 25% of all foot & ankle metal implants have to be removed in the future. This is crazy! So why are we putting permanent metal in patients? It’s 2021.

What if…

What if an orthopedic surgeon could permanently repair small bone fractures and compress osteotomies without using metal plates, metal pins or metal screws? Using no permanent implants?

Sounds too good to be true. It’s here.

Enter OSSIO.

OSSIO is a disruptive startup company that has finally cracked the code on implant strength + biologic resorption. Founded in 2014 in Israel, OSSIO has engineered a natural mineral fiber material with crazy strength on day one. Then over days, bone cells attach to and penetrate the implant. Then over many months, creeping substitution occurs. Poof! Gone without a trace.

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Some quick highlights.

FDA clearances

OSSIO is just getting started. OSSIO has won 4 FDA clearances (Class II) for small pins, nails, and screws. More to come.

Super strong during implantation

The material is 2X stronger than PEEK. Hold an implant in your hand and it blows your mind. Don’t believe me. Contact the company and get a sample.

Watch the video below – metal versus OSSIOfiber® screw:

Super strong during the healing process

Since there is creeping bio-integration of new bone, the strength of the construct is maintained during the healing. New bone is created from the inside out of the implant. New bone becomes part of the composite structure.

Disappears over time

Within 1.5 to 2 years turns into bone and native tissue.

No adverse biologic response

“This is not your father’s biologic.” We have all seen adverse inflammation and cystic issues of heavy polymer based implants. Forget about Calcium Phosphate, TCP, HA, PLA and PGA. This is different.

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This secret sauce is the continuous mineral fibers that are composed of SiO2, Na2O, CaO, MgO, B2O3, and P205. These mineral fibers are arranged in a composite fashion like an airplane wing and make up half of the implant.

Favorite surgical technique

Surgeons can use their favorite technique with no changes.

Better imaging

Surgeons can see bone, not the metal. OSSIOfiber Technology is artifact-free with X-Ray and CT Imaging, and also MRI safe.

Clinical Evidence

Years of animal data and over 1,500 nail and pin implantations in humans. Zero issues.

Applications are endless

From cranium to toes. Just use your imagination and replace the metal implant with OSSIOfiber. And it’s coming!

My big prediction

OSSIO is not really about products. OSSIOfiber material can be (and will be used) for all types of implants. OSSIOfiber Technology is a platform.

OSSIOfiber is the first “non-permanent” implant platform in orthopedics. If the business is well-executed, OSSIO has the chance to change orthopedics forever.

Fast forward to a crystal ball in 2030, and orthopedic surgeons around the world will have a choice to fix bones with metal or with OSSIOfiber. Surgeons will make the decision in the surgery, “permanent implants or OSSIO.” Early adopter surgeons in the US are already making this decision every day now. One surgeon recently used a few OSSIO nails (no metal) and called it a “ghost procedure.”

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