A new tool for Engineers… a bone quality FEA

The Technology

Based on a proprietary “particle-based” model of bone tissue, the Lifespans Bone Simulator is the world’s first practical system for running fast and accurate simulations of high-strain implant migration and cut-out. Developed from cutting-edge research by the Lifespans team published in the Journal or Orthopaedic Research, the LBS picks up where mesh-based methods like FEA end. For the first time, engineers can virtually test implants in realistic bone structure all the way to cut-out and create compelling visualizations suitable for both scientific studies and product marketing. This is particularly relevant for implants for compromised bone and 3D-printed implants, as the LBS excels at simulating the crushing and cracking of complex porous structure.

This novel approach to simulation is designed to benefit the design and validation processes for Trauma, Spine and Joint Recon implants, and is at present the only known method for accurate simulation implant migration and cut-out testing in realistically-structured cadaveric bone and polyurethane foam.

Benefits of using the Lifespans Bone Simulator include:

  • Faster time to market for new devices.
  • Improved implant effectiveness.
  • Uninterrupted implant R&D and regulatory testing by engineers working at home.
  • Enhanced KOL and customer conversion & retention.

Lifespans, the company behind the LBS created a collection of demonstration videos to share with the world at the 2020 AAOS Conference in Miami, but for now you can take a look at one of their pedicle screw demo videos below, or click on the following link for a full demo: https://www.lifespans.net/products/#bone-simulator

The Business Model

Medical device simulation is an area of rapid growth in 2020 as the orthopaedic industry adjusts to new ways of remote working. The LBS is positioned to help orthopaedic manufacturers keep their R&D and regulatory testing timelines on schedule by adding a powerful new tool for off-site engineers to continue their work uninterrupted. Lifespans – the company behind the LBS – consists of a team of MIT-trained biomedical engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, and ortho industry executives who are offering the following to manufacturers and testing laboratories worldwide:

Consulting services:

  • Implant design optimization (especially for implants for compromised bone, or 3D-printed implants)
  • Virtual implant testing, performance prediction, and survivorship simulation
  • Regulator affairs and clinical/marketing materials support

Partnerships with manufacturers / testing laboratories:

  • Technology access to the LBS and training for in-house engineers through licensing and other deals

About the Company

Lifespans Ltd. is a startup company founded by MIT-trained biomedical engineers and orthopaedic surgical faculty members from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong – one of top orthopaedic academic centres in Asia. Lifespans created the LBS as an-house tool to accelerate development of specialist orthopaedic implants for elderly patients (such as the Lifespans DTSS Soft Hip). During this unprecedented time and with the limitations on the availability of and access to testing lab space, Lifespans is make the LBS platform as consulting service fully supported by its experienced team of engineers to a small number of clients to help ensure that their individual product development and regulatory timelines remain on track. 

Lifespans is a member of the JLABS@Shanghai medtech incubator, as well as the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. For further information on Lifespans novel implant and Bone Simulator technology, please visit their website at www.lifespans.net or contact the Lifespans CEO, Sloan Kulper sloan@lifespans.net