The solution to the Orthopedic device “last-mile problem” sprouted from military logistics experience.

Founded by former U.S. Army Logistics Officer Ethan Lauer, ImplantBase helps the Spine and Orthopedic medical device companies improve profitability by digitizing the last-mile processes of their Supply Chain and integrating high-fidelity/low-latency information into the companies’ ERP systems. ImplantBase’s suite of functionality currently assists industry leading companies in managing over $1.5B in inventory, making it the solution of choice for orthopedic companies.

Originated in the military, the term logistics refers to the movement of equipment and supplies to troops in the field. Lauer, Founder and CEO of ImplantBase got his start as a U.S. Army logistics officer in the 1st Cavalry Division. Working in a fast-paced environment with antiquated systems, he learned the importance of near-real time asset visibility and keeping decision-makers informed. However, the Army’s existing 1970s systems didn’t meet the needs, so Lauer took a personal interest to develop solutions that would help bridge that gap.

Fast forward to life after the military and working six years as a sales rep and manager for a medical device distributor, Lauer gained knowledge of the medical device industry to realize there were again automation gaps that needed a solution. By mid-2009, Lauer began building the ImplantBase product along with a team of orthopedic industry professionals.

“Our mission is to provide tools for orthopedic companies to digitally transform their last mile,” said Lauer. “11 years into this effort, we are helping many orthopedic companies and distributors do just that. At the same time, our customers are contributing features that increase the value of our product to the industry.”

Starting in 2019, ImplantBase began recruiting orthopedic industry veterans to fill customer-facing positions including former Vice President of Supply Chain for Zimmer Biomet (ZB) and Globus Medical, Jeff Grabow to join ImplantBase as the Vice President of Customer Success.

“The idea of helping forward thinking companies in the Orthopedic industry address the most challenging Supply Chain issues they face, through transformation of their last mile, was an un-resistible opportunity,” said Grabow.

Today, the ImplantBase platform has recorded 100% implementation success rate with approximately 50 medical device companies, processing over $5B of revenue and a 97% sales rep adoption rate.


Specifically designed for the orthopedic and spine medical device companies, ImplantBase is an easy-to-use, intuitive, all-in-one cloud software solution that enables everyone from a single rep, an entire distributorship, or a large manufacturer to connect and transact with everyone in their inventory ecosystem. ImplantBase unifies the supply chain operations from the manufacturer, field inventory to the remote sales rep using any device with an Internet connection, anytime, and directly to any ERP or financial platform. With a 97% sales rep adoption rate, medical device companies can view and track all sales and inventory associated with surgeries, as well as see all moving inventory in real-time which minimizes asset loss and puts capital inventory to optimal use.

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Ethan is a medical device sales and operations veteran who brings 22 years of experience to ImplantBase. He began his career as a U.S. Army logistics officer in the 1st Cavalry Division, a fast-paced environment with antiquated systems. While managing logistics operations of various sizes, Ethan took an interest in personally developing software solutions to bridge the gap left by the Army’s 1970s infrastructure. This was the beginning of his fascination with automation. Upon leaving the Army, he spent 6 years as a sales rep and sales manager for a multi-manufacturer medical device distributor in Texas where he gained experience in Spine, Joints, Trauma, Bracing, and Biologics. Finding a passion for creating customer responsive software, he began to build ImplantBase’s product and core team in the mid-2009. Today, he focuses on ImplantBase company growth and product development. In conjunction, he is also a co-founder of SpineHope, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing advanced medical treatment to children around the world.