Who is going to bell the cat?

Every year people inside orthopedic companies propose game-changing new ideas that nobody is brave enough to execute. Fear prevails to beat down the opportunity.

I have seen fear happen with “risky” new surgical techniques, fear happen with new biomaterials, fear happen with robotics.

And today, fear is happening with the new digital product opportunities – AI, AR, and VR.

Like the old idiom, fear versus opportunity comes down to one question… Who is going to bell the cat?

From Aesop’s fables, a group of mice hold a meeting as to what they can do to prevent the housecat from sneaking up on them. A mouse suggests that if a bell were hung around the cat’s neck, then everyone would know where the animal was. The question was, who was going to perform the dangerous task of putting a bell around the cat’s neck?

What is the crazy “bell idea” inside your company that nobody will champion?