Choice is killing orthopedics! |

Choice is killing orthopedics!

I keep reading about all the wonderful device options that orthopedic surgeons have with implants, trials, constraints, angles, coatings, poly, PEEK combos, etc. All available in the OR if the surgeon needs it.

This is old thinking from Orthopedics 2.0 Optionality, that started way back in the 1980’s. Today in the 2020’s we are in the Orthopedics 3.0 Automation, era… but we are quickly entering Orthopedics 4.0 Predictive era.

This old 2.0 thinking should be breed out of our DNA now.

Why is the industry so obsessed about more implant choices?

Is this driven by the surgeons, the device companies, or both?

Choice is killing orthopedics.

I believe that most of the business problems in an orthopedic device company are linked to having too many implant choices and too much product complexity.

More complexity creates:

  • more capital tied up in inventory
  • more shipping
  • more cleaning and reprocessing
  • more product processing
  • more implant packaging
  • more surgeon training
  • longer times in surgery
  • and the need for more service reps

Simplicity is the answer.

Simplicity can create value for everyone – patient, healthcare provider, device company, shareholders, etc.

Why don’t more companies think like Treace Medical Concepts or Neo Medical?

No wonder there is a growing bespoke movement in orthopedics. One implant choice per patient.