You may not need my recruiting services.

Don’t contact me for your next recruiting assignment if you can execute this 4 step process for a DIY recruiting.

Below is the KILLER 4-step process for hiring A-players for your company.

Step 1. Write a Job Description that focuses on results.

Rather than describing what the employee does and desired qualifications in your job posting, define what needs to be done in the role and what success looks like. Put that in the job post. A-Players are attracted to knowing what success looks like.

Step 2. Add a secret question to your online application to weed out the lazy.

In your job posting ask a very specific question #7 that requires thinking and thoughtful answer. Example: “What’s the last webinar you attended relevant to this job & what did you learn from it?” Delete applications with no answer or poor answers to #7.

Step 3. Add an extra assignment to screen for the diamonds.

Ask the people who are left to record a very short video answering a question that’s relevant to the role. You’ll be shocked how many won’t bother (cut them), and how many outstanding answers you get from resumes that didn’t look special.

Step 4. Do real work with them.

Schedule a group video interview where the candidate participates in solving a real problem with your team. Cuts down your interview time and you get to see how they collaborate, communicate, and think. A-Players will rise to the top. The “good interviewee/bad employee” will be exposed in this exercise.

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