The only 8 slides an investor wants to see in your pitch deck.

1/The Opening Slide

– an important slide because it stays on the longest to your audience

– just your Logo and a “One Liner”

2/The Problem

– sell the importance of the problem

– share a clear and compelling problem statement

– explain the problem your company is solving and why it’s important.

3/The Solution

-share your differentiated solution

– use simple language, simple images, simple graphics describing your solution (investor may not know orthopedic lingo)

– this will win the investors over because they will have just digested the problem and here comes your surprising solution.

4/The Market

-this is your chance to explain the size of the market

-also explain how fast the market is growing.


-this is your chance to show progress, proof of execution by your team in revenue, growth, M/M growth.

-if pre-revenue show added key team members, done research, labs, early concept proof, etc.

6/Business Model

-this is a chance to show how are you going to make money

-share a clear and realistic business model

-explain how your company plans to make money and provide a clear roadmap for revenue growth.

7/The Team

-show that you have the right team to solve The Problem or that you have the means to hire the right team.

-sometimes this can be used as the opening slide also.

8/The Ask

-this is the punch line

-what can the audience do for me?