7 roles for MDs inside an orthopedic device company.

MDs contact me from time to time about how to get a job in the orthopedic device industry.

Here are seven real job titles for MDs (Medical Doctors) orthopedic companies:

Note: Only the large and mid-sized orthopedic company “employ” MDs.

1/ Medical Director:

A Medical Director oversees the medical aspects of a medical device company. They may lead clinical trials, provide medical guidance to the company, and ensure that products comply with regulatory standards.

2/ Medical Affairs Director:

A Medical Affairs Director is responsible for managing the medical and scientific aspects of a company’s products. They may oversee clinical trials, collaborate with key opinion leaders, and develop scientific communications.

3/ Chief Medical Officer (CMO):

The CMO is the highest-ranking medical executive within a medical device company. They are responsible for developing and implementing medical strategies, overseeing clinical research, and managing relationships with key opinion leaders.

4/ Medical Science Liaison (MSL):

An MSL is a medical professional who acts as a bridge between a medical device company and healthcare providers. They provide scientific and medical information about the company’s products and may conduct educational programs and support clinical research.

5/ Clinical Development Manager:

A Clinical Development Manager oversees the clinical development of a medical device. They may design and manage clinical trials, collect and analyze data, and ensure that studies comply with regulatory standards.

6/ Regulatory Affairs Manager:

A Regulatory Affairs Manager ensures that a medical device company’s products comply with regulatory standards. They may review clinical data, prepare regulatory submissions, and communicate with regulatory agencies.

7/ Medical Writer:

A Medical Writer creates scientific and medical content for a medical device company. They may write clinical study reports, scientific publications, and marketing materials.