Meet the 9 billionaires in orthopedics.

Reinhold Schmieding

Forbes just released their world billionaire list. Link is here.

My observations:

Looks like you have to work really really really hard… or just inherit it.

Also, its shows you how young orthopedics is that many of these people earned their wealth in the last few decades.

There are many more individuals in the $100M+ club and thousands in the $10M+ club.

1/ Reinhold Schmieding ($7.7 billion) started orthopedic surgical tools company Arthrex in 1981 and still owns more than 90 percent of the company. Wikipedia page. Read also, Who is Reinhold Schmiedling?

2/ Ronda Stryker ($6.9 billion) is a director of medical equipment company Stryker Corp. Wikipedia page

3/ John Brown ($5.7 billion) ran Stryker Corp. for 32 years. 

4/ Hansjörg Wyss ($5.1 billion) founder of Synthes Holdings, AG. Wikipedia page

5/ Jon Stryker ($4.3 billion) inherited a stake in Stryker Corp. Wikipedia page

6/ Pat Stryker ($3.2 billion) inherited a stake in Stryker Corp. Wikipedia page

7/ Gary Michelson, MD ($1.8 billion)is a retired orthopedic and spine surgeon who holds more than 340 U.S. patents. Wikipedia page

8/ Amy Wyss ($1.8 billion) worked at medical equipment firm Synthes for years before it sold to Johnson & Johnson to become DePuy Synthes. Wikipedia page

9/ David Paul ($1.5 billion) is the founder and executive chairman of spine implant manufacturer Globus Medical. Wikipedia page