10 top surgical navigation systems startups

(according to Tracxn Jan2023)

Globally there are 146 Surgical Navigation Systems companies, but here is the list of the 10 most interesting ones:

Augmedics   |Provider of an augmented reality guidance system for surgery

Augmedics provides an augmented reality-guided surgery system. It includes see-through glasses to guide and support the surgeon. The system’s first development is the Spine Surgery application which aims to improve the insertion of screws into the vertebrae.

Company Overview

Founded Year2014
LocationYokneam Illit (Israel)
FundingUSD 63M [Funding Details]
InvestorsH.I.G. Capital, Revival Healthcare Capital, Almeda Ventures and 6 Other Investors [Investor Details]
Centerline Biomedical   |Developer of surgical navigation and image guidance system for endovascular procedures

Developer of surgical navigation and image guidance system for endovascular procedures. The flagship product of the company is the Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS) based on 3D GPS-like surgical navigation technology for predictive modeling and clinical decision support. Also, it offers x-ray fluoroscopy for 2D image guidance.

Company Overview

Founded Year2014
LocationCleveland (United States)
FundingUSD 37M [Funding Details]
InvestorsCleveland Clinic, GE Healthcare, JobsOhio and 10 Other Investors [Investor Details]
Sensome  |Smart guide-wire with sensors

Sensome is a developer of a smart guidewire with sensors is designed to provide precise information on the clot composition. The device consists of remote monitoring technology that is capable of turning invasive vascular medical devices into connected healthcare devices.The patent-pending sensor provides non-invasive identification of the tissue composition in contact with a medical device, The device has potential applications in neurovascular, peripheral vascular and cardiovascular fields.

Company Overview

Founded Year2014
LocationParis (France)
FundingUSD 21M [Funding Details]
InvestorsAsahi Intecc, Kurma Partners, BNP Paribas Developpement and 7 Other Investors [Investor Details]
Neocis   |Provider of robotic guidance system for dental surgeries

Provider of robotic guidance system for dental surgeries. It is a computerized navigational system that assists both pre and intra-operative phases of dental implantation surgery. The device involves haptic robotic technology to provide physical guidance. It provides a haptic response to the dental surgeon’s hand for precise angulation during oral procedures.

Company Overview

Founded Year2012
LocationMiami (United States)
FundingUSD 160M [Funding Details]
InvestorsIntuitive, DFJ Growth, Vivo Capital and 9 Other Investors [Investor Details]
Surgical Theater   |Developer of VR-based platform for intra-operative navigation and surgical guidance

Developer of VR-based platform for intra-operative navigation and surgical guidance. It offers a Precision XR platform for evidence-based visualization to enhance surgical planning, patient engagement, and outcomes. It uses flight simulation technology to enhance situational awareness in minimally-invasive and complex surgeries.

Company Overview

Founded Year2010
LocationLos Angeles (United States)
FundingUSD 11M [Funding Details]
InvestorsOurCrowd, HTC Corporation, Shanghai Creation Investment and 5 Other Investors [Investor Details]
Proprio  |Developer of visualization system for surgeries

Proprio is developing visualization systems for precision surgeries. The company is using a multi-camera system which leverages machine learning, computer graphics processing, and hardware to provide 3D videos or images of the area of interest during surgery. The system can be used in training and surgery navigation applications.

Company Overview

Founded Year2016
LocationSeattle (United States)
FundingUSD 8M [Funding Details]
InvestorsData Collective, Cota Capital, Bold Capital Partners and 4 Other Investors [Investor Details]
MRI Interventions  |MRI-guided surgery platform

MRI Interventions develops minimally invasive surgical procedures in the brain and heart under direct, intra-procedural MRI guidance. Products are – ClearPoint system (commercialized) for minimally invasive surgical procedures in the brain and ClearTrace system (in development) for surgical procedures of the heart. Went public in 2012.

Company Overview

Founded Year1998
LocationIrvine (United States)
FundingUSD 17M [Funding Details]
InvestorsPTC Therapeutics, Petrichor, Clayton Associates [Investor Details]
eCential Robotics   |Provider of a medical imaging and surgical platform for healthcare providers

Provider of a medical imaging and surgical platform for healthcare providers. The company has developed real-time surgery operation navigation and a 3D imaging device for medical professionals. The surgical instrument assists surgeons during operations for safety and accuracy. The company has developed the Surgivisio platform, which assists surgeons with precision surgical procedure suggestions, workflow optimization tools, and more.

Company Overview

Founded Year2009
LocationGieres (France)
FundingUSD 133M [Funding Details]
InvestorsBpifrance, Sigma Gestion, BNP Paribas and 2 Other Investors [Investor Details]
Alume Biosciences  |Developer of a nerve illuminating technology

Alume Biosciences is developing a proprietary nerve illumination technology. The technology is claimed to enable the surgeons to view the nerves and reduce the damage to the nerves during surgical procedures.

Company Overview

Founded Year2017
LocationSan Diego (United States)
FundingUSD 28M [Funding Details]
InvestorsNIH, Chrysa Mineo, Daniel M Bradbury and 1 Other Investors [Investor Details]
ClaroNav   |Develops medical 3D visualization and surgical navigation solutions

ClaroNav (formerly known as Claron Technology) develops medical 3D visualization and surgical navigation solutions. Products developed by the company includes Navident – a dynamic navigation for dental implantation. It uses CBCT image as a map, and guides surgeons like a GPS guides drivers; NaviENT – an ENT navigation system that shows the location of the tip of the surgical instruments relative to surrounding anatomy to guide surgical intervention; and MicronTracker – it uses stereoscopic vision in real time to detect and track specially-marked objects. It can be used for image-guided surgery, ablation, and biopsy.

Company Overview

Founded Year2001
LocationToronto (Canada)
FundingUSD 2M [Funding Details]
InvestorsBDC [Investor Details]