The Wright Mafia

I want to introduce eleven orthopedic leaders who I call the “Wright Mafia“.

The “Wright Mafia” comprises of former Wright Medical Technology employees who have made significant contributions to the orthopedic industry. These individuals have founded or led renowned orthopedic companies, including DePuy-Synthes, Paragon 28, Solana Surgical, CrossRoads Extremity Systems, Treace Medical Concepts, In2Bones, MicroPort Orthopedics, Sonoma Orthopedics, Intrinsic Therapeutics, and Medical Sales College.

Since 2009, the “Wright Mafia” has brought about profound changes in the field of orthopedics.

The Golden Years:

Before 1999, the company was a shit show is it faced financial difficulties and even fell into bankruptcy.

From 1999 to 2009, Wright experienced a remarkable era. These were the golden years.

In 1999, everything turned around when Warburg Pincus acquired a majority stake in Wright and appointed Barry Bays as CEO, alongside an exceptional Board.

The magical decade of 1999-2009 fostered a culture of boundless possibilities, where aspiring leaders observed and learned from Wright’s top-notch leadership. They executed innovative niche products and expanded the business. As the Senior Director of R&D at Wright from 2001 to 2006 (knees, bio, extremities), I had the privilege to witness this firsthand.

Post 2009, Wright entered a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with the DOJ, resulting in significant turnover, loss of focus, and the separation of the hip/knee businesses. Hence, I consider 2009 as the conclusion of the magical period.

The 12 Members of the Wright Mafia are:

Aldo Denti – Group Chairman of J&J Orthopedics

Aaron Smith – CEO of Artelon

Alan Taylor – GM of MMI ($151M exit to Stryker), CEO/Founder Solana Surgical ($126 exit to Wright) , CEO/Founder In2Bones ($255M exit to ConMed)

John Treace – CEO/Founder of Treace Medical Concepts a $1.5B public company

Cary Hagan – CEO of Intrinsic Therapeutics

Vernon Hartdegen – CEO/Co-Founder of CrossRoads Extremity Systems ($225M exit to DPS)

Mike Roth – GM, EVP Commercial Operations at BoneSupport.

Glen Coleman – CEO/Founder of Sonoma Orthopedics (minor exit to Arthrex), CEO/Co-Founder of CrossRoads Extremity Systems ($225M exit to DPS)

Albert DeCosta – CEO/Co-Founder of Paragon 28, a $1.5B public company

Frank Bono – CTO/Co-Founder of Paragon 28, a $1.5B public company

Ted Davis – CEO of MicroPort

Jim Rogers – CEO/Founder of Medical Sales College