Highlighting 11 disruptive orthopedic plays

1/ Osiris Therapeutics Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osiris_Therapeutics
Country: USA | Funding: $95M
Osiris Therapeutics is a stem cell company, which focuses on developing and marketing products to treat medical conditions in the inflammatory, cardiovascular, orthopedic and wound healing markets. The company operates its business through two segments: Therapeutics and Biosurgery segment. The Therapeutics segment focuses on developing biologic stem cell drug candidates from readily available and non-controversial sources. One of its products, Stromagen was used to treat breast cancer in clinical trials.

2/RecoveryOne website: https://recoveryone.com/
Country: USA | Funding: $50.2M
RecoveryOne is an innovator in mHealth solutions for patients recovering from orthopedic injuries.

3/Regenexx website: https://regenexx.com/
Country: USA
Regenexx focuses on developing breakthrough non-surgical options for people suffering from various orthopedic disorders. We have developed a patent-pending procedure that uses your own stem cells and blood growth factors to regenerate bone and cartilage.

4/CurveBeam website: https://curvebeamai.com/
Country: USA | Funding: $25M
CurveBeam researches, designs and manufactures cone beam CT imaging equipment for the orthopedic specialties such as Foot & Ankle. CurveBeam is privately owned and operated.

5/ Cionic website: https://cionic.com/
Country: USA | Funding: $23.3M
CIONIC is a technology company that builds a platform for human augmentation that powers people to transcend physical limitations.

6/ GripAble website: https://gripable.co/us/
Country: UK | Funding: $16.3M
Gripable develops digital therapy tools, combining them with mobile games, and motivating physically impaired patients.

7/ Intelligent Implants website: https://intelligentimplants.ie/
Country: Ireland | Funding: $14.8M
Intelligent Implants use wireless implantable electronics to stimulate, steer, and monitor bone growth.

8/ Limber Health website: https://www.limberhealth.com/
Country: USA | Funding: $11M
Limber is a digital home-exercise, remote monitoring, data analytics, and care navigation solution for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

9/ Formus Labs website: https://www.formuslabs.com/
Country: New Zealand | Funding: $6.3M
SaaS for orthopedic surgery planning using the fusion of AI and biomechanics to improve patient outcomes and clinical efficiency.

10/ Upswing Health website: https://upswinghealth.com/
Country: USA | Funding: $5M
Upswing Health provides a new way to conveniently deliver orthopedic care.

11/ Regenecure website: none
Country: Israel
REGENECURE specializes in the development of biomaterials and bone tissue engineering focusing on the design, manufacture, and marketing of innovative products for the global orthopedic and dental surgery markets. Our products provide guided bone regeneration for applications in trauma, spine, and reconstructive cranial and facial orthopedics.