Worried about getting fired? Here’s your 6-part plan.

You may have noticed that there are a ton of layoffs happening in Orthopedics. There are more coming.

Worried about getting fired? Don’t panic. Prepare.

Here’s how:

Firing people sucks. The only thing worse is being fired. It is easiest to push the idea from your mind. To ignore it.

But in each life, there are moments that matter 100x more than others. Those worth being prepared for.

This is one of those moments:

1. Watch the radar

Layoffs rarely surprise.


-> Slowed spending? Frozen hiring?

-> Leaders distracted by secret projects?

Why? Smart to stop new spending before cuts.


-> Layoffs at competitors?

-> Fundraising stalled?

Ask: How different is your company?

2. Build a runway

You’ll make better decisions if you’re not worried about basic needs. Fast track saving 6 months of living expenses.


Reduce your burn:

-> Cut expenses from big to small

Grow your income:

-> Start your side hustle now

3. Have a plan

What will you do Day 1, Week 1, Month 1?

-> Immediately start searching?

-> Enjoy a much-needed reset?

-> Go all-in on a side business?

Naming these steps in advance helps:

-> Set the path from logic, not emotion.

-> Avoid scrambling or wasting precious time.

4. Get out in front

If you have these fears, don’t wait.

-> Clean up your LinkedIn profile, resume

-> Reconnect with old colleagues

-> Build outside credibility in your domain

-> Rachet up the coffees and lunches immediately

You can shape your life or let life happen to you.

5. Be gracious

There is no other choice if you’re fired. None. The decision has been made. You might disagree with it, but that’s irrelevant.

So say:

-> I understand

-> Empathize w/ their position

It may take every ounce of your will. But do this because you’re going to…

6. Ask for more

You’re being fired b/c:

-> You’re underperforming

-> You’re part of a layoff

In both cases, they want you to leave on good terms.

Would it help to have:

-> Extended healthcare benefits

-> Another month of severance

-> Outplacement help

7. Have perspective

Your value is not where you work.

You are much more than that.

Companies make choices.

Sometimes you’re on the wrong side of them.

Stars are lost in a restructuring b/c it’s legally cleaner to eliminate functions than select specific people.

8. Have a look in the mirror

This may hurt to hear, but it’s critical to be honest.

How’d you end up being cut:

-> Wrong company?

-> Poor performance?

-> Refuse to play politics?

-> Rationalize bad behavior?

-> Demand too much money?

Don’t beat yourself up, but evolve.