Seeking fulfillment in the Orthopedic Industry –> the rise of Agency.

In this rapidly changing world of orthopedics numbers of industry professionals are expressing their desire for greater control over their work lives.

However, upon deeper exploration, it becomes evident that what they truly seek is “agency.” As I engage in conversations with these individuals, the concept of agency emerges as a prevailing theme, surpassing the allure of increased income, prestigious titles, or heightened responsibilities.

But what exactly is agency?

Agency, in essence, refers to the capacity of individuals to act autonomously and make their own choices. In the context of one’s career, agency manifests as a realm where professionals can shape their own destiny. It embodies empowerment, enabling individuals to dictate how they work, when they work, whom they collaborate with, where they reside, and even how they are compensated. Undoubtedly, agency is the coveted goal we strive to attain.

Now, here comes the revelation.

In the pursuit of agency, the path to fulfillment lies within smaller orthopedic cultures rather than larger ones. Surprising as it may seem, it is in these more intimate settings that agency flourishes. Conversely, working as a consultant rather than as a traditional employee is a surefire way to unlock agency. This distinction holds true, without exception.

So, take a moment to reflect: Does your current role provide you with the agency you seek?

Embrace the trend. Agency is the new currency in the orthopedic industry. As professionals increasingly prioritize their independence and the freedom to craft their own professional narrative, the pursuit of agency has become a defining characteristic of our post-Covid era.