Obvious isn’t obvious.

I talk with individuals each week in orthopedics who have contemplated starting a consulting business at one time or another. These accomplished people bring decades of expertise spanning various domains such as Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Data Analysis, and Product Development.

I found a common theme in these conversations.

Despite their profound knowledge, they tend to underestimate the worth of their consulting endeavors and ultimately decide against pursuing a consulting practice.

The notion of obviousness can be deceptive.

What appears glaringly evident to one person frequently remains far from apparent to others who may need their help.

This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in the realm of orthopedic technology, where disparities in knowledge and experience are prevalent.

Hence, when you find yourself grappling with concepts that seem clear to others but elude your understanding, remember the clarity might not be as universal as you assume. Flip it around. Others need help in areas that seem obvious to you.