Private Labeling in Orthopedics: A New Era of Collaboration

In this age of innovation, OrthoStreams frequently discusses the latest acquisitions and speculates about future developments. 

However, it’s worth noting that not all groundbreaking ventures involve formal mergers and acquisitions. In the new world where capital markets affects every sector of the economy and capital markets are becoming increasingly stingy, the cost of acquiring complementary solutions continues to rise. 

The growth conundrum

How can large corporations meet their earnings call expectations? How can smaller manufacturers foster innovation when the allure of product development diminishes? And how can startups stimulate growth when the cost of expanding their sales force seems out of reach?

The answer may lie in pursuing private label partnerships.

Enter NovaBone as an example of private labeling opportunities

NovaBone is a well-established manufacturer, based in Florida, that specializes in synthetic biologics, with a unique emphasis on regenerative products incorporating bioactive glass. In the competitive landscape of biologics, NovaBone stands out by defying convention. Their brand involves being the first to secure osteo-stimulative clearance from the FDA, supported by a rich clinical data history spanning over two decades. NovaBone maintains control over its supply chain, producing its own bioactive glass and overseeing the regulatory processes for their strips, putties, and bone grafts. However, what truly sets them apart is their renewed commitment to partnering with medical device companies.

Leading this charge is Scott Day, who heads NovaBone’s OEM outreach and business development efforts. “NoveBone is seeking to ignite growth with our partners and to compliment their existing hardware lines.  What’s more, we’re not limiting ourselves to the traditional orthopedic private label call pattern of total joints.  NovaBone has developed solutions for the spine, trauma, extremity, dental, and thoracic therapeutic areas.”

In an era where collaboration is becoming increasingly vital, NovaBone’s strategic addition of private label partnerships showcases a forward-thinking approach. This paradigm shift allows companies of all sizes to tap into specialized expertise and resources without the hefty price tag typically associated with acquisitions. As the industry evolves, embracing private label partnerships could be the key to staying competitive, fostering innovation, and driving growth in the face of mounting economic challenges.

For more information about NovaBone’s private label partnerships contact @ScottDay or

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