Revolutionize Your Orthopedic Sales: Join Phil Sayles in Mastering Digital Sets and Trays for Peak Efficiency and Profit

Phil Sayles shared “How Digital Sets and Trays  Maximize Orthopedic Rep Efficiency, Service, and Income”.

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From scanning consumption at point of use, to using software and imaging to rebuild and restock/track UDI to sets and trays, to point of sale payment (no more dreaded “bill only” PO chasing!), the future of orthopedic sets and trays is surely digital. The entire rest of the world has gone digital, and it is time for the medical device industry to Digitize the Final Mile by digitizing the last 10 feet of the supply chain in the OR.

For Ortho Reps, the implications are profound. As a former 16 year vet, I can tell you there is potential magic for those that adopt, as opposed to resist, the change. Digital sets and trays will make a sales rep PRO-active, instead of RE-active. It will afford more time for planning, selling and support of sales territories on a STRATEGIC basis.

And a good rep can leverage digital accounts to cover MORE territory instead of hiring territory assistants with whom they have to at first share, and eventually give a significant part of their commissions. So digital accounts mean more income.

Sales reps that embrace Digital will win. Get a free one-time ticket to BoneChat with Tiger and me on Thursday this week to learn about how a Digital Final Mile is going to change the device industry – for the better.”