Why Startup ideas die in a BigOrtho culture.

Most BigOrtho employees are smart, well-trained, and well-educated. However, they usually cannot move an innovative idea forward through the organization. 4 reasons:

1) BigOrtho people are risk-averse. They system rewards small incremental improvements and punished true innovation. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. That alone means they can’t innovate.

2) BigOrtho people need to get permission from leadership to do anything out of the ordinary. So in other words, they lack autonomy.

3) BigOrtho employees are expensive. They generally earn higher salaries than their peers in Startups. High base compensations can lead to cash flow issues and ultimately Startup failure.

4) BigOrtho people don’t get to share in any upside from challenging status quo and creating true innovation. So there’s no financial incentive to risk your career to hit a home run.

The way BigOrtho can compete and win is to use its distribution muscle. Something that Startups do no have.