Pain and suffering => Success

The CEO of the fastest growing company in the world shared his thoughts with Stanford students today.

Builders of ortho companies could all use more of in Orthopedics from this sage advice from Jensen Huang.

People with very high expectations have very low resilience and unfortunately, resilience matters in success.

I don’t know how to teach it to you except that telling you, “I hope suffering happens to you”.

I was fortunate that I grew up with a with, with my parents providing a condition for us to be successful on the one hand, but there were plenty of opportunities for setbacks and suffering and, and to this day I use the word the phrase pain and suffering inside our company with great glee.

And the reason and I mean that is this is going to cause a lot of pain and suffering. And I mean that in a happy way, because you want to train you want to refine the character of your company.

You want that you want greatness out of them. And greatness is not intelligence. Its greatness comes from character and character isn’t formed out of smart people.

Greatness is formed out of people who suffered. And so that’s it. So if I could wish upon you, I don’t know how to do it.

For all of you, Stanford students, I wish upon your ample doses of pain and suffering.