A new startup in Total Knees to keep your eye on!

Website – https://www.rejoint.life

Ortho Streamers, I would like to share a hot new startup in Total Knees based in Milan, Italy.

Rejoint is the first startup to bring together all of the latest technologies for a better TKA product and service. AI + 3D Printing + Wearables.

Artificial Intelligence – REJOINT has partnered with ENHATCH to take advantage of their Fit2Kit system of artificial intelligence tools that allow algorithms to optimize the size, placement and shape of the implant. This feeds into the surgical navigation and clinical plan and reduces the instrumentation down to a mayo stand. All completed in the cloud in seconds.

3D Printing – REJOINT has also taken advantage of 3D Printing of implants with additive manufacturing of CoCr for both the femoral and tibial components.

Wearables – REJOINT will also take advantage of wearables to track clinical performance.

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Press Release

Rejoint announces the successful completion of mechanical testing for the YourKneeTM EBM Cobalt Chrome 3D-Printed Patient Specific Knee for Total Knee Replacement

Rejoint is proud to announce the successful completion of mechanical testing for the YourKneeTM EBM Cobalt Chrome 3D-Printed Knee for Total Knee Replacement.

The Rejoint YourKneeTM uses artificial intelligence to custom fit the implants to the patients’ natural anatomical shape and size. In February 2019, the first custom YourKneeTM surgery will  be performed in Milan, Italy, in cooperation with Link Orthopaedics.

“Today marks an incredible milestone for Rejoint, Arcam/GE Additive and the orthopedic industry. After several years of close collaboration with leading orthopedic surgeons, and the team at Arcam, we have validated the use of the material and are prepared to deliver the future of orthopedic surgery”, says Gian Guido Riva, Founder and CEO of Rejoint.

The Rejoint YourKneeTM Total Knee Arthroplasty System will be indicated for use in the reduction of painful knee osteoarthritis and limited range of motion and the company is planning a broader, limited launch of the system in the second half of 2019 following CE mark.

For more information, please visit Rejoint’s booth at the Ortho Center Meeting Humanitas in Milan, Italy, February 22nd-23rd 2019, or visit www.rejoint.life.

About Rejoint

Rejoint is a start-up pioneer in new technology and surgical approaches in Total Knee Arthroplasty.

Rejoint has developed a solution for knee replacement based on the integration of 3D Additive Manufacturing (AM), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), which enables the design of personalized implants and surgical simulation based on unique patient anatomy. The company is led by people with more than 20 years in the orthopaedic industry and by previous members of worldwide leading medtech companies like Covidien, Smith & Nephew, Sorin, Bellco.