Lima moves forward with personalized shoulder arthroplasty |

Lima moves forward with personalized shoulder arthroplasty

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LimaCorporate announced this week that their new digital platform Smart SPACE was successfully used in the first total shoulder replacement.

Smart SPACE software allows for more surgical precision by creating a 3D patient-specific model based off a CT-scan. The application’s proprietary machine learning algorithm uses anatomical data to design an individualized surgical plan that includes 3D positioner guides.

The first surgery using Smart SPACE was performed by Anil Dutta, M.D. at the Foundation Surgical Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

After the surgery he said, “We have just completed our first case using the Smart SPACE Planning system and take tremendous pride in what the Smart Space Team has accomplished. The Smart SPACE system allowed the surgical team to predict important parameters such as glenoid version correction, glenoid coverage and the correct implant size.”

He added, “Our post-operative radiographs confirmed the correction predicted by the 3-dimensional analyses perfectly, in my opinion. I believe the potential for realizing a practical but comprehensive digital planning system with universal applicability is truly inspiring.”

Smart SPACE was developed in collaboration with Christopher Bayne, M.D. of Sacramento, California; Wayne Burkhead, M.D. of Dallas, Texas; Patrick Noud, M.D. of Lansing, Michigan; Shelden Martin, M.D. of Phoenix, Arizona; Kevin Setter, M.D. of Syracuse, New York and Michael Wiater, M.D., of Beverly Hills, Michigan. Its full commercial release is expected later this year.

“The successful completion of a surgical procedure planned with the Smart SPACE Shoulder application is a key milestone in the history of LimaCorporate. This marks the first step of our digital transformation journey which is ultimately focused on delivering solutions with greater clinical and economic value to all our business partners,” said Luigi Ferrari, LimaCorporate chief executive officer.

LimaCorporate is a global medical device company located in San Danielle del Friulli, Udine, Italy. Its acquisition of TechMah Medical, a technology company based in Knoxville, Tennessee, that builds innovative applications for orthopedic surgeons, has helped drive the development of the Smart SPACE digital platform.