The “real” reason why your online marketing falls short.

Most orthopedic companies don’t like their digital marketing content… but they don’t know why.

Others like their online content… but are baffled by the lack of results.

The fundamental problem is that most medical device companies are using online marketing techniques from 10 years ago. It’s safe. There is always a 10-year lag in digital marketing “knowhow” in med device companies. 

Marketing departments tend to gravitate towards sophisticated, stilted, and scripted content.  

Why do they do this?  

I believe they lean this way because management wants to do the safe thing first. They want to appear to be smart and polished. They want perfection. They hire professional video crews with movie-quality lighting and audio equipment, chose the perfect location, schedule surgeon’s precious time, and have a well-written scripts prepared. No one wants to experiment with content, because they might get fired.

Companies should not default to slick marketing content that looks like a drug ad with great lighting, perfect audio quality, and smooth scripts.  

Polished content SCREAMS commercial. How do you think orthopedic surgeons respond to this content?  

Unsophisticated content with poor lighting and audio says “AUTHENTIC”. It looks like a random cell phone video just captured a real conversation.

Your best content is out in the field every day.  It’s real. It’s your customer’s true experience with your products. It’s authentic.

Tell a real story.
Simplify the message.
Let it be authentic.