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Eye Opener

2020 has been an eye opener.

Starting in January, we read that an entire continent was on fire, then the US assassinated an Iranian leader, then a Presidential impeachment started, then a global pandemic started. And that was just January.

The bigger story is that 2020 has challenged us to rethink our paradigms. Rethink how we approach leadership, institutions and work.

Here are a few eye-openers that we have realized for the first time in 2020.

  • From home, we can purchase any product or service that we need online. Literally anything.
  • The government can create trillions of dollars out the thin air and distribute it electronically.
  • The FBI is corrupt.
  • You don’t have to live near large cities for career opportunities.
  • Private space companies are sending people into space for 1/10th the cost of governments.
  • Social media giants screen content on our accounts without our permission.
  • Most experts are wrong, most of the time.
  • Data is be used to prop up any argument, but data is always faulty.
  • The price of a barrel of oil can be negative.
  • Colleges and universities may not be your best career path.
  • Liquor stores are an essential service for our society.
  • 80,000 people sit in prison for marijuana, even though marijuana is legal in 11 states and legal for medicinal purposes in 42 states.
  • The news is not really giving us the news.
  • Most companies can function just fine without people coming into the office.
  • US elections are trustworthy.
  • Commuting as a lifestyle will largely be gone.
  • Telehealth is easy to do. The only thing really holding back Telehealth was government regulation. We have witnessed 20 years of change in 3 months.
  • The FDA can fast-track new medical devices in days… if they want to.

Back to orthopedics now.  

The door is wide open for orthopedics now. New paradigms have opened up incredible new opportunities for both individuals and companies.

What questions should orthopedic device companies be asking themselves in the second half of 2020? A few warmups questions are below.

A few eye opening questions for the orthopedics community as we move forward

Which orthopedic companies are best positioned for the new COVID world? Why?

How does a device company prove COVID compliance?

Why haven’t more orthopedic companies gone out of business yet?

How can we train orthopedic surgeons on new devices and procedures without cadaver labs?  Read this.

Will COVID put a dampener on big Ortho acquisitions for a year or two?

With less access to the operating rooms and direct selling, will sales reps be compensated in different ways?

How can we educate orthopedic surgeons on new devices and procedures without medical conferences?  Read this

With more and more products that contain software and have connectivity, what actually is your product now?

Are your webinars really creating results for you? Read this.

With all the new money in the system now, will orthopedic company IPOs come back in 2021?

How can your products and services be delivered differently, just in time, and with less burden on the hospital?

How will device companies provide technical surgery support without access to the inside of hospitals and ASCs?  Read this

What percentage of orthopedic procedures will move permanently to the ASCs?