How about an intelligent surgery ecosystem within reach for the smaller guys?

Enhatch, a leading developer of software as a service (SaaS) for the medical device industry, is launching a new era in digital surgery: The Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem. Intelligent surgery will elevate patient care to new heights and redefine the industry.

“With the launch of the Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem, companies of all sizes can deliver world class technology to their surgeon customers without writing a single line of code,” says Peter Verrillo, CEO of Enhatch. “The ecosystem generates personalized surgeries at a scale and speed never before seen in the musculoskeletal industry.”

Today, this technology is in its infancy and controlled by a handful of medical device companies. These companies have invested billions of dollars in acquiring software companies to protect market share from rival upstarts. But technology moats limit access to a broader population, slows advancement in other emerging technologies, and increases cost for the hospital, patient, and healthcare system.

The Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem is giving opportunities to small and medium device companies to compete with industry giants. Meanwhile, it’s giving surgeons access to enabling technologies that will help improve their surgeries and collaboration with industry.

“Our implants are designed by one of the industry’s most recognized thought leaders with great clinical results, but today that’s not enough to remain competitive,” says Chris Harber, CEO of Signal Medical. “That’s why we’ve partnered with Enhatch. Their technologies are creating greater demand for our products and streamlining our operations.”

The Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem provides the tools necessary for surgeons to streamline their clinical workflow and continue to provide top quality care while safely increasing the number of procedures they perform. Device companies and surgeons are already beginning to embrace smart surgical technologies.

As these technologies evolve, more and more patients will continue to benefit, however, the door needs to be opened wider to keep up with demand and broader access needs to become a reality.

Enhatch’s Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem is the way forward.