The 5 stages of orthopedic technology

Most new technologies in orthopedics come and go. There are 5 stages in their life-cycle. It goes something like this.

“What the hell is a MAKO?”

“I want to try a MAKO.”

“Get me a MAKO.”

“Get me a more advanced MAKO.”

“What the hell is a MAKO?”

Create your own.
You can substitute any fleeting historic technology for “MAKO”.

For instance, substitute…

  • Teflon hip
  • Austin Moore
  • Poly II
  • Pink or blue knee
  • Unispacer
  • Allograft cage

“What the hell is a _______”

“I want to try a _______.”

“Get me a _______.”

“Get me a more advanced _______.”

“What the hell is a _______?”