4 startups that caught lightning in a bottle

Very few orthopedic startups ever catch lightning in a bottle.

The vision and formula has to be right and the execution has to be outstanding. The early leaders must put together great products, smooth regulatory clearances, perfect market timing, and perhaps most importantly, they must create market pull.

There is alot to learn from these lightning successes, so let’s take a closer look.

Below are ortho companies that caught lightning in a bottle.

Treace Medical Concepts [Click link to read more]- obsessive product focus, exceptional branding, inside ownership, market pull driven by DTC

Mako [Click link to read more]- category creation, market timing, market pull

Kyphon [Click link to read more]- category creation and monopoly, branding, IP, insane margins, market pull

Ellipse Technologies [Click link to read more]- a better mousetrap, monopoly, insane margins, market pull. I was there.