Seeking CEO for orthopedic sensor startup with deferred compensation and equity.

This is a PSA for an orthopedic surgeon inventor friend. I have no financial interest… just trying to help a startup get off the ground.

Dr John Lucey, a retired orthopedic surgeon, has a sensor product concept to measure micro-motion around any implant to prevent revisions. His device can measure 20 microns of micromotion. His research demonstrates that <50 microns of motion = stable implant or spine fusion and >150 microns of motion = unstable implant (fibrous tissue support only) or lack of spine fusion.

Dr Lucey has self-funded the company to date, and has an issued patent. He also has suppliers lined up, and has testing labs lined up, etc… but needs a full time CEO to move the business forward.

If interested in this CEO position, deferred compensation and equity in a new orthopedic sensor startup, please contact Dr. John Lucey directly at

Overview of opportunity including Executive Summary, issued patent, elevator speech, milestones,

Role – Full-time CEO.

Compensation – deferred compensation and equity.

Startup – OrthoDX, website

Product concept – tiny sensor implanted near orthopedic implants.

Inventor – Dr John Lucey.

Status – Dr Lucey has self-funded to date, has an issued patent, suppliers lined up, testing labs lined up.

Milestones – below