The best interview questions to ask “A Players”

Q1/ “If I had dinner with your 3 best friends and asked them to describe you, what would I learn?”

What I’m Listening For: Honest self-awareness. 3rd party feedback asks them to consider how they’re actually perceived not how they wish they were.

Q2/ “What’s the biggest misperception people have about you?”

What I’m Listening For: Honesty & humility in a team context.

This also doubles down on self-awareness which is critical for collaboration & growth.

Q3/ “If you were a product, what would your value proposition be?”

What I’m Listening For: The positive side of self-awareness.

Do they know their competitive advantage and how to harness it productively?

Lack of confidence is just as dangerous as overconfidence.

Q4/ “What did you do to prepare for this interview?”

What I’m Listening For: Interest, motivation, creativity.

Looking for people who used the opportunity to add value to the organization, not just research facts.

Q5/ “What is the most significant challenge facing job seekers in your seat today?”

What I’m Listening For: Understanding of the profession, an appreciation of the craft and the forces confronting them.

Ideally, they proactively have ideas about addressing that challenge too.

Q6/ “Teach me about something you’re obsessed with.”

What I’m Listening For: Labels fall away and it’s just passion, clarity of thought, and enthusiasm.

It’s also a chance to build a deeper view of them on a human level and connect personally.

Q7/ “You need to fill Madison Square Garden 24 hours from now, how do you do it?”

What I’m Listening For: Most innovation is at the intersection of preparation, novelty, and practicality.

I’m looking for someone who’ll wrestle with all sides of that equation effectively.