Like it or not… your company has a reputation around its hiring process.

This message is addressed to company leaders.

You may not realize that your company has an industry-wide reputation, not based on your people and your products… but based on your hiring process.

Your hiring reputation may be good or bad…

  • Is it transparent or opaque?
  • Is it responsive or non-responsive?
  • Is it fast of endless?
  • Is it fluid or bureaucratic?
  • Is it analytical or subjective?

Why is this important?

…. because there is a war on for orthopedic talent right now.

Your hiring reputation is more important now because currently there is a gap between talent supply and demand. Strong talent is not on the market long. Puff! Sometimes only available for a few days.

If your reputation is not great, then you are not seeing the best talent available.

Before candidates even meet you, they already know your company’s reputation based on your hiring process. It’s a small industry.

What are you doing to improve your hiring process?