Processes in orthopedics can be cumbersome. Let’s make it easy.

In any business, we all tend to over-complicate things. We expect it to be hard. Others who came before before us, did it this way, so it must be the best way to do it.

The orthopedic industry is growing and everyone is making money, so why change things?

We need to think differently in order to challenge the existing systems. There is always a better way.

I am going to give you some homework.

The Challenge question:

What would this look like, if it were easy?

This can be a really powerful thought exercise. You can close your eyes and picture what it would look like if it were easy. What would the process be? How would it be simplified? How can it be automated? What decision gates can be eliminated? What steps can be are removed?

Pick a business area below, and challenge yourself with the this exercise.

⭕ Attracting new investors.

⭕ Developing new products.

⭕ Winning Regulatory clearances.

⭕ Hiring great talent at the right time.

⭕ Getting the right product to the customer at the right time.

⭕ Supporting surgeries in real-time.

⭕ Training new surgeon customers.

⭕ Marketing brand and awareness of your company and products.

⭕ Negotiating contracts with hospitals and ASCs.

⭕ Engaging new surgeon customers

What would this look like, if it were easy?