Orthopedic friends… now is your time.

2023 is truly a unique time in history for our industry and your career.

Today there are more product and service ideas than every in orthopedics. There is more technology flooding into orthopedics. Just a few here:

  • AR for terminator-like vision for surgeons
  • 3D printing for bespoke implants
  • wearable sensors for pre and post clinical data collection
  • sensors inside implants
  • major advances in optics and imaging
  • virtual proctoring in the OR
  • VR for training any number of people anywhere
  • predictive AI for diagnosis and treatment
  • robots getting smaller and smaller

There is more funding available (angels, VCs, surgeons, high net worth individuals, PEs).

There are more trained orthopedists with product ideas.

There are more talented people in orthopedics than at anytime in history.

Stop making excuses and start to take advantage of this convergence for your career. Make your move now.

Now… You can join a startup.
Now… You can make that move from Engineering to Marketing or from Sales to Sales Management.
Now… You can get another degree and retool your skills.
Now… You can move to an orthopedic company that has killer technology.
Now… You can actively job hop because there is no longer a stigma to moving every 2-3 years.
Now… You can change your current boss to a better boss. Just start interviewing and choose your next boss.
Now… You can get funding for your orthopedic idea.
Now… You can start your startup by moonlighting. Chose and unsolved problem, find a partner with complementary skills and start.