6 cool technologies at AAOS that you should know about.

Just my opinion.

1/ Arthroscopy without wires – Lazurite

2/ The world’s only compression staple that turns into bone…. and other natural implants. Ossio.


3/ Better science and better clinical solutions for patients with periprothetic joint infections. OsteoRemedies.


4/ Test your new implant design out in poor bone before finalizing the design (an FEA for compromised bone situations). Lifespans


5/ A sneak peak into the future of surgery… really.  Proprio is not working on another robot, another vision system or another AR system, but a future operating system for the OR.   Proprio.

6/ The only handheld pedicle screw instrument that talks to the surgeon and tells them where the tip of the screw is in real-time. SpineGuard

SpineGuard. https://orthostreams.com/2023/01/4-improved-pedicle-screw-insertion-technologies-that-do-not-require-robots-or-navigation/