IPO Sweet Spot: How Orthos can prepare to access the Public Markets.

The public markets may be reopening later this year for orthopedic companies. My guess is that the sweet spot for IPOs will be from Q4 2024 (post-election) through Q4 2025.

There will be IPO opportunities for strong orthopedic companies that have been patiently waiting to tap into the public markets. Investors in these robust companies have been eager for their chance to gain access to the IPO market.

Interestingly, there may also be a surge in IPO opportunities for weaker orthopedic companies. With the venture market drying up and debt becoming too expensive, these companies may be forced to go public at lower market values to raise the necessary capital.

Strong and weak orthopedic companies will both have a chance, but timing an IPO isn’t just about luck—it’s a strategic move that requires savvy planning, market awareness, and sharp execution. Here’s a breakdown of how to get it right and avoid common mistakes.

Strategies for Perfect IPO Timing

  1. Understand Market Sentiment:
    • Stay Current: Keep your finger on the pulse of market conditions, investor sentiment, and trends in the orthopedic sector.
    • Watch Economic Indicators: Pay attention to interest rates, inflation, and GDP growth, as these factors impact investor confidence.
    • Sector Performance: Look at how other companies in the orthopedic space have performed recently. Positive trends often signal a good time to go public.
  2. Show Strong Financials and Growth:
    • Revenue Growth: Investors love consistent, strong revenue growth. Show them you’re on a solid path to profitability.
    • Healthy Margins: Highlight healthy profit margins and a scalable business model.
    • Clear Projections: Provide realistic, compelling financial projections that show your growth potential.
  3. Highlight a Robust Product Pipeline:
    • Innovation is Key: Emphasize your pipeline of innovative products that stand out in the market.
    • Regulatory Approvals: Recent approvals and upcoming milestones can boost investor confidence.
    • Solid Clinical Data: Present strong clinical data proving your products’ efficacy and safety.
  4. Showcase an Experienced Leadership Team:
    • Proven Track Record: Ensure your team has a solid track record in the orthopedic industry and experience with public markets.
    • Visionary Leaders: Investors look for leaders who can clearly articulate the company’s future vision.
  5. Engage in Strategic Investor Relations:
    • Pre-IPO Roadshows: Conduct pre-IPO roadshows to gauge interest and get feedback from potential investors.
    • Transparent Communication: Keep communication clear and consistent with potential investors and stakeholders.
    • Build Relationships: Develop strong connections with investment banks, analysts, and institutional investors.

Tactics for Perfect IPO Timing

  1. Wait for Optimal Market Conditions:
    • Spot the Window: Identify and aim for IPO windows when conditions are just right, like periods of low volatility and high investor confidence.
    • Stay Flexible: Be ready to adjust your IPO timeline based on market conditions.
  2. Set the Right Price:
    • Competitive Pricing: Set an IPO price that attracts investors while meeting your capital needs.
    • Avoid Extremes: Avoid underpricing, which can leave money on the table, and overpricing, which can lead to poor post-IPO performance.
  3. Be Ready for Regulations:
    • Full Compliance: Make sure all regulatory requirements are met well in advance.
    • Complete Documentation: Prepare comprehensive and accurate documentation, including the prospectus and financial statements.
  4. Educate the Market:
    • Investor Education: Teach potential investors about your unique value proposition and the market need you’re addressing.
    • Industry Insights: Provide insights into industry trends and how your company is positioned to take advantage of them.

Pitfalls to Avoid when trying to access the Public Markets.

  1. Don’t Rush the Process:
    • Premature Listing: Avoid going public before you’re fully prepared. A rushed listing can lead to poor performance and long-term damage.
    • Thorough Preparation: Ensure every aspect of your IPO process is well-prepared.
  2. Don’t Ignore Market Signals:
    • Market Volatility: If there are signs of market volatility or negative sentiment, be ready to postpone your IPO.
    • Watch Competitors: Pay attention to how other recent IPOs in your sector have performed. Poor performance can signal a challenging market.
  3. Avoid Overestimating Valuation:
    • Be Realistic: Don’t set an unrealistic valuation that you can’t justify with your financials and market position.
    • Manage Expectations: Keep post-IPO investor expectations in check with realistic growth forecasts.
  4. Fix Governance Issues:
    • Strong Governance: Address any governance issues before going public. Good governance practices build investor trust.
    • Solid Board: Ensure your board includes experienced, reputable individuals.


Timing an IPO right requires a mix of market insight, financial strength, and strategic planning. By following these strategies and tactics, orthopedic device startups can navigate the public markets and maximize their chances of a successful IPO. Avoid common pitfalls, stay flexible, and keep your eyes on the prize to ensure long-term success.