Orthopedic folks… let’s kick the INVENTORY habit. |

Orthopedic folks… let’s kick the INVENTORY habit.

In our careers, we have all waded through never-ending inventory outside the OR suites.

For a typical elective orthopedic procedure, the device supplier delivers about 300 physical items to the hospital (implants, instruments, disposables). Maybe, just maybe, 75 physical items are actually used or touched during the procedure. The untouched 225 items will collected and carted to another hospital later that day.

How did we get here?

I blame both the surgeons and the device manufacturers.

Choice has become the surgeon’s drug addition. Surgeon’s want every possible implant option near the OR as a backup. And there is an implied threat. If supplier A doesn’t provide these options, then certainly supplier B will step in and provide more options. The addiction of Surgeon choice has created too much INVENTORY in the hospital.

Endless configuration options have become the device manufacturer’s drug addiction.  An array of sizes, diameters, lengths, and constraints has become a selling feature of the supplier. This has actually become a service feature. What?

There of course is a hidden cost to providing boundless selection for a single case. There is both an inventory COGs cost and an inventory management cost that is baked into the implant price. The supplier’s product configuration addiction has created too much INVENTORY in the hospital.

There is a solution.

The rehab treatment for the INVENTORY addiction is being offered by a few disruptive companies with systems that provide personalized implants and planning software.

Get ready for some inventory rehab!

Get ready for your inventory rehab provided by some of these disruptors – GEO, Monogram Orthopedics, ReJoint, Bodycad, Conformis, and Lima Promade.

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