The better Offer Letter

You are composing an Offer Letter to a talented individual for a high impact role in your organization.

You need for him/her to join your team with a positive attitude and hit the ground running.

The last thing that you need is for your new employee to feel “beaten down” by a back-and-forth offer letter negotiation.

The Solution

Write a Choice Offer Letter. Give the individual some choices with sliding scales of compensation.

Once the Choice Offer Letter is signed, the will more positive onboarding experience happens. The Choice Offer Letter gives the incoming employee a sense of control. The employee actually ends up negotiating with themselves, not you. Best of all, for future performance reviews, you already know what what types of compensation the employee values.

Use the Choice Offer Letter for all your critical hires.

A Traditional Offer Letter example.

  • Salary = $150K
  • Sign-on Bonus= $5K
  • Equity = 20,000 stock options

The Choice Offer Letter example.

Included in the standard body of the letter are three compensation choices and the individual picks one and signs the letter.

Choice A

  • Salary = $170K
  • Sign-on Bonus= $0K
  • Equity = 10,000 stock options

Choice B

  • Salary = $150K
  • Sign-on Bonus= $5K
  • Equity = 20,000 stock options

Choice C

  • Salary = $130K
  • Sign-on Bonus= $10K
  • Equity = 50,000 stock options

Last tweak. Obviously, you can mix-and-match other variables that works for your organization.

  • Title choices
  • Start date choices
  • Remote / Hybrid / On-site choices
  • Vacation days choices
  • Reporting structure
  • Travel
  • etc.