An open invitation to make offers to purchase the Carevature assets before December 27th.

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Invitation to Make Offers 

In The Tel Aviv – Jaffa District Court Insolvency Case 35798-09-22

In Re: The Insolvency and Financial Rehabilitation Law, 5778 – 2018 (hereinafter: the “Law”)

In Re: Carevature Robotics Ltd. 514646223 -(In Liquidation)  (hereinafter: the “Company”) 

For the Acquisition of Intellectual Property, Assets and Equipment of CAREVATURE ROBOTICS LTD. Manufacturer of the Dreal® Line of Products

Notice is hereby filed for an invitation to make offers (hereinafter: the “Invitation”) for the acquisition of the intellectual property for 21 registered patents and applications for the registration of patents and trade marks in the surgical orthopedic field and in the field of medical devices for the performing of back operations. The Company is the developer of the Dreal® Line of products, approved by the FDA and the CE. Moreover, the Company has manufacturing equipment located at its offices, including a technical file and dedicated checking equipment. Moreover, the Company holds shares in Carevature Medical Inc., incorporated in the USA, holds approval for distribution and sale of the products in the USA and holds stocks of the products (hereinafter: the “Sale Asset“). For further information about the Company, you can view the website: or on the YouTube page:

Further information on the intellectual property, the equipment and the assets, and the offer form documents may be received by e.mail request at: .

  1. The offer form are to be submitted by way of delivering the offer form, after filling out the details of the bidder, the details of the offer and the proposed consideration amount, without VAT, signed by the bidder as detailed in the offer form, by no later than 27.12.22 at 12:00 to the offices of Piade, Leibovich-Meir, Law Offices located at BSR 3 Tower (4th Floor), Kinneret Street, Bnei Brak.
  2. Value Added Tax as required by law shall be added to the consideration amount stipulated in the offer. 
  3. An autonomous bank guarantee must be added to an offer which has been filled out and signed as stated above, for a period of six months from the date of its issue, or by way of a bank check, made out to the order of the Company Trustee, at a rate of 10% of the offer amount, plus VAT (made out to the order of Advocate Yonat Meir, in Trust for the Carevature Robotics Co. Ltd. (in liquidation)).If the bidder retracts its offer after approval has been made, for whatever reason, or refuses to sign on an agreement in the wording as to be determined by the Trustee, the check or the guarantee, as the case may be, will be forfeited. It is clarified that the Guarantee and/or the check will be held until the final approval of the offer by the court. The trustee is not liable for the state of the Sale Asset, and is not liable for the state of the sale asset, its nature and anything entailed in the transfer thereof. 
  4. The offers will be submitted on the basis of the physical and legal state (‘As Is’) at the time of the sale and the responsibility for checking all matters related to this will lie with the bidder. It is clarified that the patent and trade mark files need to be renewed in the near future and all costs for such shall apply to the buyer alone. The Sale Asset will be sold in its present state – ‘where is’ and “as is”. The undersigned is not responsible for the state and condition of the Sale Asset. Responsibility for checking the Sale Asset, including the state of the patents (in all aspects and facets, and not just the renewal date, the cost involved and the requirement s involved in such) lies with the bidders alone, at their expense and responsibility. The winning bidder will act to transfer the Sale Asset into its name, immediately upon approval of the sale, with the buyer handling and bearing all responsibility and expenses related to such, without exception.
  5. The sale is not subject to the laws of tender and the undersigned does not undertake to accept the highest offer or any other offer. The undersigned may, at her exclusive discretion, conduct a quasi-tender, negotiations and/or a competitive bidding process with the bidders and/or some of them, and/or may conduct a repeat competitive bidding process, and she reserves their right not to accept any bid. The undersigned will not bear ant payment whatsoever for the presenting of the Company, the bringing of bidders and/or brokers’ fees, of any kind and sort. This notice is only a synopsis of the terms of sale, with all the terms of sale being included in the offer form and the provisions thereof which take precedence and are binding.
  6. This sale is subject to the approval of the Tel Aviv District Court, the Hon. Justice I. Nutovitz in Insolvency Case 35798-09-22. The undersigned reserves the right for herself to extend and/or change the date set by her.

Yonat Meir, Advocate – Trustee

Piade, Leibovich-Meir Law Offices

9 Masada Str., (BSR 3 Tower) Bnei Brak